Ear Clinic

The House Institute Ear Clinic provides complete ear, vestibular and allergy care to patients of all ages. Our experienced otolaryngologists are trained to identify and diagnose a wide range of disorders and present medical and surgical treatment options to best suit your individual needs.

Meet Our Ear Clinic Team


Derald E. Brackmann MD

Derald E. Brackmann biography

John W. House MD

John W. House biography

William M. Luxford MD

William M. Luxford biography

Kevin A. Peng MD

Kevin A. Peng biography

William H. Slattery, III MD

William H. Slattery, III biography


Soo Jang AuD, FAAA

Soo Jang biography

Katrina Luong AuD

Katrina Luong biography

Jordan Rock AuD, CCC-A

Jordan Rock biography

Allen Senne AuD

Allen Senne biography

Wadad Shalhub AuD

Wadad Shalhub biography

Anthony Tsao AuD

Anthony Tsao biography

Sherry Young AuD

Sherry Young biography

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