“Our mission is threefold: ear and neuroscience research, education, and global hearing health, “so all may hear.”  

Our Work


Defining the causes of hearing and balance disorders and developing the solutions necessary to aid the hearing impaired.

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Providing hearing health information to the public and education programs for medical professionals.

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Increasing access to treatments, technology, and training in high-need communities locally and worldwide.

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Howard P. House founded the institute in 1946 as the Los Angeles Foundation of Otology, a private nonprofit hearing research and education facility with the goal of creating a world where “all may hear.”  

From physical challenges like balance disorders to social challenges like reduced academic achievement, hearing loss can have a debilitating impact on all areas of life. World Health Organization estimates that by 2050, 1 in 10 people will have debilitating hearing loss. We are on a mission to change that. 

Our Team

We are a team of dreamers, explorers, analysts, and dog lovers unified in our mission of creating a world where all may hear.  


Jeremy Sidell
Executive Director

Jeremy Sidell biography

John J. Galvin III PhD
Research Scientist

John J. Galvin III biography

Javia Headley
Marketing Communications Manager

Javia Headley biography

Randall J. Heeren
Video Strategist

Randall J. Heeren biography

Erin N. O’Donnell
Associate Director of Education and Global Health

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Audrey Salzburg
Director of Development

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William H. Slattery, III MD

William H. Slattery, III biography

M. Jennifer Derebery MD, FACS
Research Committee Co-Chair

M. Jennifer Derebery biography

John J. Galvin III PhD
Research Scientist

John J. Galvin III biography

Gregory P. Lekovic MD, PhD

Gregory P. Lekovic biography

Kevin A. Peng MD
Research Committee Chair

Kevin A. Peng biography

Jordan Rock AuD, CCC-A

Jordan Rock biography

Jeremy Sidell
Executive Director

Jeremy Sidell biography


  • Stan Augustine, PhD
  • Nina Ball, AuD
  • Derald Brackmann, MD
  • Edward Cho, MD
  • Laura Christopher, MD
  • M. Jennifer Derebery, MD
  • John J. Galvin, PhD
  • Sarah Hodge, MD
  • John W. House, MD
  • Soo Jang, AuD
  • Gregory P. Lekovic, MD
  • William M. Luxford, MD
  • Hossein Mahboubi, MD
  • Mia E. Miller, MD
  • Dawna Mills, AuD
  • Kevin Peng, MD
  • Jordan Rock, AuD
  • Allen Senne, AuD
  • Wadad Shalhub, AuD
  • William H. Slattery III, MD
  • Sigfrid D. Soli, PhD
  • Helena Wichova, MD
  • Alicia Williams, AuD
  • Sherry Young, AuD

Adjunct Faculty

  • David Bakhos, MD, PhD
  • Karen Berliner, PhD
  • Qian-Jie Fu, PhD
  • Gautam U. Mehta, MD
  • Daniel Roberts, MD, PhD
  • Eric P. Wilkinson, MD

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