Global Hearing Health

Together, we can impact the lives
of hearing-impaired individuals around the world.

Help us continue over 75 years of groundbreaking ear and neuroscience research, education, and global humanitarian efforts.

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The Global Picture

Hearing Loss is distributed unevenly across the world.

The number of individuals with hearing loss is continually rising due to entirely preventable causes and lack of access to treatments. We join health advocates everywhere in our efforts to create a world where everyone has access to the interventions they need.

Our Team

Our dedicated team of practitioners totaling over 450 years of experience is uniquely positioned to achieve our goal of distributing hearing-loss solutions worldwide. 

Soo Jang AuD, FAAA
Global Health Committee Co-Chair

Soo Jang biography

John J. Galvin III PhD
Research Scientist

John J. Galvin III biography

Kevin A. Peng MD

Kevin A. Peng biography

Derald E. Brackmann MD

Derald E. Brackmann biography

Allen Senne AuD

Allen Senne biography

Erin N. O’Donnell
Associate Director of Education and Global Health

Erin N. O’Donnell biography

Jeremy Sidell
Executive Director

Jeremy Sidell biography

Javia Headley
Marketing Communications Manager

Javia Headley biography

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