Let’s move the needle on hearing and
neurological sciences together. 

Help us continue over 75 years of groundbreaking ear and neuroscience research, education, and global humanitarian efforts.

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Previous Research Milestones

The House Institute Foundation has long been a leader in defining the causes of hearing and neurological disorders and improving sensory devices and diagnostic techniques. Our discoveries have led to improved treatments and care for millions around the world.

Some of our research milestones include:

  • First cochlear implant for use in clinical trials 
  • First digital hearing aid in the United States
  • First functional noise hearing test (HINT)
  • First central neural prosthesis for hearing restoration (Auditory Brainstem Implant)

Hearing Science Accelerator

Some hearing and neurological disorders have not seen advancements or cures in decades. In response to this, we created the Hearing Science Accelerator, a workshop that brings together the medical community once a year to focus on a specific disease.

Our Team

Our research team consists of principal-investigator led laboratories with targeted research interests aimed towards discovering new treatments and cures.

M. Jennifer Derebery MD, FACS
Research Committee Co-Chair

M. Jennifer Derebery biography

Kevin A. Peng MD
Research Committee Chair

Kevin A. Peng biography

Dawna Mills AuD

Dawna Mills biography

Natalie Ziegler MS, RN, CPNP
NF2 Clinic Coordinator; Clinical Research Coordinator

Natalie Ziegler biography

Jordan Rock AuD, CCC-A

Jordan Rock biography

Mia E. Miller MD

Mia E. Miller biography

William H. Slattery, III MD

William H. Slattery, III biography

John J. Galvin III PhD
Research Scientist

John J. Galvin III biography

Gregory P. Lekovic MD, PhD

Gregory P. Lekovic biography

Jeremy Sidell
Executive Director

Jeremy Sidell biography

Shanel Hill
Clinical Research Coordinator

Shanel Hill biography

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