Meet the Team


Derald E. Brackmann MD

Derald E. Brackmann biography

Edward I. Cho MD

Edward I. Cho biography

Laura H. Christopher MD

Laura H. Christopher biography

M. Jennifer Derebery MD, FACS

M. Jennifer Derebery biography

John W. House MD

John W. House biography

William M. Luxford MD

William M. Luxford biography

Hossein Mahboubi MD, MPH

Hossein Mahboubi biography

Anne K. Maxwell MD

Anne K. Maxwell biography

Mia E. Miller MD

Mia E. Miller biography

Thomas J. Muelleman MD

Thomas J. Muelleman biography

Kevin A. Peng MD

Kevin A. Peng biography

William H. Slattery, III MD

William H. Slattery, III biography

Eric P. Wilkinson MD, FACS

Eric P. Wilkinson biography


Nina Ball AuD

Nina Ball biography

Soo Jang AuD, FAAA

Soo Jang biography

Katrina Luong AuD

Katrina Luong biography

Dawna Mills AuD

Dawna Mills biography

Jordan Rock AuD, CCC-A

Jordan Rock biography

Allen Senne AuD

Allen Senne biography

Wadad Shalhub AuD

Wadad Shalhub biography

Anthony Tsao AuD

Anthony Tsao biography

Sherry Young AuD

Sherry Young biography

Neurosurgery Team

Gregory P. Lekovic MD, PhD

Gregory P. Lekovic biography

Gautam U. Mehta MD

Gautam U. Mehta biography

Dina Schultz NP

Dina Schultz biography


Monica Andriacchi AuD

Monica Andriacchi biography

Michele Curry

Michele Curry biography

Soo Jang AuD, FAAA

Soo Jang biography

Katrina Luong AuD

Katrina Luong biography

Allen Senne AuD

Allen Senne biography

Melody Taylor

Melody Taylor biography

J. Christopher Townsley AuD

J. Christopher Townsley biography

Support Staff

Brigette Boylan

Brigette Boylan biography

Jennifer Fuentes

Jennifer Fuentes biography

Suzanne Gutierrez

Suzanne Gutierrez biography

Kay Matsuyama

Kay Matsuyama biography

Bertha Perez

Bertha Perez biography

Rebecca Reddig

Rebecca Reddig biography

Victor Rodriguez

Victor Rodriguez biography

Emma Tornero

Emma Tornero biography

Foundation Staff

Research Associate

John J. Galvin III biography

Marketing Communications Manager

Javia Headley biography

Video Strategist

Randall J. Heeren biography

Clinical Research Coordinator

Shanel Hill biography

Associate Director of Education and Global Health

Erin N. O’Donnell biography

NF2 Clinic Coordinator; Clinical Research Coordinator

Natalie Ziegler biography

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